Get Involved

Ways to get involved

There are many ways that you can support The Miracle League of Central Illinois. Donations of time and talents are certainly welcome (and necessary) for an organization such as ours to grow and provide additional opportunities in our community. Please join us as a volunteer and witness the difference that The Miracle League of Central Illinois is making, both on the field and beyond. The relationships that are introduced and nurtured by the Miracle League continue to thrive off the field, with individuals connecting on multiple levels with each other.  We challenge you to come be a part of The Miracle League of Central Illinois.

The Miracle League of Central Illinois is also seeking financial donations at all levels to help support the organization’s mission. Whether you’re able to make a one-time donation or a long-term pledge of support, your donation will help us support baseball as a method of engagement and interaction. Since we began the organization, the number of players and teams has grown. Even as we expand our capacity for players, we are also looking to grow in a physical sense and are launching a capital campaign to help build a field that accommodates disabilities. There are several donation levels, and we encourage you to support The Miracle League to the extent that you can.

Yankees player throwing ball
Yankees player fielding ball
Cardinals player trio with assistive devices
Cubs player at bat with tee
Cubs player with walker
Cubs player at bat