Cardinals player at bat

Player Benefits:

The Miracle League of Central Illinois was developed for you to have fun playing baseball with other kids. When you play, you can:

  • Make new friends!
  • Play baseball in a supportive environment.
  • Have fun with your own “buddy” who will help you play!
  • Attend all functions/fundraisers of The Miracle League to see your “buddy” and teammates and to support the organization!

How to be a player for The Miracle League of Central Illinois:

Ask your parent or guardian to complete our player registration form and send to:

The Miracle League of Central Illinois
421 Kays Drive
Normal, IL 61761
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parent/Guardian Expectations:

We need your support with Miracle League of Central Illinois games and activities. Your enthusiasm and participation helps make the experience more fulfilling for your child. We need you to:

  • Attend every game and cheer on your favorite player along with the others!
  • Be at the games with your child for support, assistance and safety/security.
  • Attend and invite your family and friends to all functions and fundraisers that The Miracle League holds.
Yankees player throwing ball
Yankees player fielding ball
Cardinals player trio with assistive devices
Cubs player at bat with tee
Cubs player with walker
Cubs player at bat