Sign your players name if they are able to make that day's game, but also sign up and put some sort of comment even if they can't make it. That way your team coaches and the game day coordinators will know whether to expect your player or not.  This will be easier to create line ups each week. Please make sure to check in 15-30 minutes ahead of your scheduled game time.  This allows a player enough time to meet his/her buddy. 
Dugout Assignments: Team listed first is assigned to the first base dugout. 


5/24     Noon - Redbirds vs. Hawks
            1pm   - Yellow Sting vs. Orange Crush
            2pm   - Green Machine vs. Purple Storm
            3pm   - Maroon Magic vs. Teal Tornados
5/31     Noon - Purple Storm vs. Maroon Magic
            1pm  - Redbirds vs. Hawks
            2pm - Yellow Sting vs. Teal Tornados
            3pm - Orange Crush vs. Green Machine
6/7       Noon - Yellow Sting vs. Purple Storm
            1pm - Orange Crush vs. Teal Tornados
            2pm - Redbirds vs. Hawks
            3pm - Maroon Magic vs. Green Machine
6/14     Noon - Green Machine vs. Teal Tornados
            1pm - Orange Crush vs. Purple Storm
            2pm - Yellow Sting vs. Maroon Magic
            3pm - Redbirds vs. Hawks
6/21     Noon - Redbirds vs. Hawks
            1pm - Yellow Sting vs. Green Machine
            2pm - Orange Crush vs. Maroon Magic
            3pm - Purple Storm vs. Teal Tornados
6/28     Noon - Orange Crush vs. Maroon Magic
            1pm - Redbirds vs. Hawks
            2pm - Green Machine vs. Teal Tornados
            3pm - Yellow Sting vs. Purple Storm
Yankees player throwing ball
Yankees player fielding ball
Cardinals player trio with assistive devices
Cubs player at bat with tee
Cubs player with walker
Cubs player at bat